Looking for a floral designer in Sydney to help you create the florals that’ll express your unique style at your wedding or event? You’ve come to the right place!

Why am i for you?

You want:

+ Flowers that reflect your style, taste and preferences. Making the day a true expression of who you are. Maybe even infusing some elements of your cultural heritage to the styling on the day. But still keeping it modern. And you know what… PERSONALISED FLOWERS are actually kind of like DESIGNER in the world of flowers. And the good news is, it doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag!

+ Floral designs that are stylish yet original. Beautiful flowers, yes! But NOT flowers that look EXACTLY like the ones at the wedding ALL your friends attended last weekend. Yikes, every wedding starts to look like the other after a while. Who can remember who’s whose? So yea, something different PLEASE.

A simple, straight-forward process of planning your flowers. Who has time to figure out what flowers are in season? Or what to do next. All you want is for everything to look AMAZING on the day. With minimal fuss.

+ Peace of mind. You want someone who can deliver on promises. Someone who responds promptly to your communications. Someone who gets the job done – professionally and beautifully. 

As a floral designer, I help you create the perfect atmosphere where you and your loved ones can share precious moments. Memories you’ll be reminiscing about over a few glasses of wine. For a good long while.

In short, I’ll take care of all the floral details so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Floral Designer Sydney


Floral Designer Sydney

Hi, I’m Gwyneth, owner and lead floral designer of Flowers by Gwyneth

I help eco conscious clients like you express your style and creativity with custom floral designs. My floral style is inspired by nature, and modern ikebana. A little more about this later.

From concept to creation, I work with you with open communication. So, no hidden costs, no surprises. And please, always feel free to ask questions.

Because I want your experience with me to be stress free, and the flowers on the day, perfect for you.



Here are 7 Random Facts About Me

I didn’t start off as a floral designer. In fact I began my professional career as an external auditor (my first degree was a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from Monash). Over the years I worked in a variety of roles before taking the dive into the floristry world. Actually it was a toss between illustration and flowers. But flowers won out in the end!
I’m originally from Malaysia, a country no one even heard of when I was growing up. That was until the Petronas Twin Towers came into the picture and remain to this day, the tallest twin towers in the world.
I spent most of my life in Malaysia before moving to live in Sydney in 2004. Malaysia’s key uniqueness lies in the fact that it’s a melting pot of diverse races, religions and cultures – Malay, Chinese, Indian and European. My Malay’s kind of rusty. I can still understand a smattering of Cantonese. You might still detect a slight Malaysian accent but I think I’ve kicked off the “lah”.
My fascination with COLOUR started way back when I was still at school. Killing time between classes, I spent brain cells wondering why bold colours would appeal to certain cultures more than others. In 2008, I decided to satisfy my curiosity for colour theory and studied colour and design with the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD) in Sydney.
My proudest floristry moment to date is receiving the 2015 Lynch Group Award for Highest Achievement in Certificate IV in Floristry . At Sydney TAFE I learned to produce quality arrangements consistently. Working with clients to their budget. Delivering high value. ALWAYS.
I love what I do. I love to listen to my client’s floral aspirations. And help them express the mood and vibe they want to create for their special day with floral creations that truly reflect their style.
Difference between a Florist and Floral Designer


Gwyneth is very professional and creative, she delivers the highest quality in what she does! 5/5 stars for sure.
Gwyneth was able to create a space so beautiful we had guests earmarking which flowers they wanted to take home!

What Sogetsu Ikebana means to me and how it has influenced my style

The Sogetsu Ikebana aesthetic is a style most aligned with my personal values when it comes to floristry. The use of fresh, seasonal florals. Eco friendly sustainable techniques. Minimal product wastage. Unique, distinctive designs.

Ikebana has brought so much joy and fun. Moreover through my involvement with Sogetsu Ikebana NSW, I’ve had the opportunity to exhibit at The Calyx at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, and The Japan Foundation in Sydney.

The Sogetsu style of Japanese flower arranging is known to be avant garde and inventive. Suitable for any kind of space – homes, restaurants, hotel lobbies, shop windows, large public spaces. In short, simply any place which can be enriched by artistic displays of plant materials.

You can learn more about Sogetsu Ikebana here

And if you’re interested in checking out my floral style for weddings, please read my blog post here.

The elegance of ikebana flower arrangements is understated. If you appreciate nature and the beauty of florals, you’ll enjoy the ikebana floral style.


If you'd like something beautiful yet different for your special day, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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