Arranging Hydrangeas for Your Home

On the lookout for new ways of arranging hydrangeas for your home?  When you have hydrangeas growing plentiful in your garden, why not cut some and have them in vases all around your house? 

Here are some ideas on arranging hydrangeas that you can easily try out. Firstly, you can make a group arrangement of hydrangeas in different vases. For instance I took a couple of containers,  combined the hydrangeas with garden roses, and grouped them together like a vignette. So pretty in pastel!

Arranging hydranges with roses

Secondly, try an asymmetrical arrangement. In this example, I placed the hydrangeas a little off-centred to one side and balanced it with a philodendron leaf on the other. Personally I feel this creates a more interesting-looking arrangement due to the “off-centred focal point” of the hydrangea placement. 

Arranging Hydrangea Ideas - with Philodendron

Lastly, try unexpected combinations of flowers or even hydrangeas with fruits! Here I incorporated some home-grown nectarines with hydrangeas in a special vase by Clay Canoe. Well who says you cannot combine something a little different like fruit with flowers? 

Arrange Hydrangeas with nectarines


The colour that the hydrangea takes on depends on the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. If the soil is more acidic, that is a pH 5 or less, hydrangeas are usually blue. On the other hand, when the soil pH is more towards neutral or alkaline (ph7 or more) hydrangeas turn mauve and pink. 

Arranging Hydrangea Ideas

For other ideas for arranging flowers, check out my blog posts on spring-inspired flower arrangements or arranging gerberas in creative ways.

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