Celebrating the Lunar New Year with Flowers

Being in a family with Chinese ancestry meant that there was always lots to do in the days leading up to the Lunar New Year. This included cleaning the house, shopping for new clothes, baking cookies, buying gifts for families and friends, getting red packets ready, and planning for the reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve. And then there were the traditions and customs to follow so that we bring good luck and wealth into the new year.

Many Chinese like to decorate their houses with festive decor such as door couplets, Chinese knots and New Year pictures. These decorations are mainly in red and are expressions of good wishes for the future. In addition, flowers play an important part as the Chinese believe that flower blossoms will bring fortune. Some flowers are particularly popular due to their good symbolism. We have:

Peonies for prosperity;

Peach blossoms for luck in romance;

Daffodils for a new beginning;

Chrysanthemums for longevity;

Gladiolus for strength and career advancement;

to name a few.

For my Lunar New Year flower arrangement this year, I’ve chosen to use the auspicious red colour as the key design element. Here’s wishing everyone who celebrate the Lunar New Year a very prosperous and healthy year ahead!

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