Celebrate Beautiful Autumn Colours

Beautiful autumn colours is one of the reasons to look forward to and celebrate the season.

For example, in Japan celebrating autumn is a particularly major event. There are many traditional celebrations and festivities taking place throughout the country during the fall harvest season. 

However in Sydney leaves don’t get quite as vibrant as in some regions in the Northern Hemisphere.

But fortunately, there are still places where we can go and catch glimpses of those beautiful reds, golds and oranges before the foliage fall from the trees. 

One such place is Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains. Many visitors including avid photographers flock to the gardens at Mount Wilson during autumn.

The best time to go is from around late April to early May. Some gardens allow you to pack a picnic and enjoy the surroundings while you enjoy your lunch. Others have cafes on site where you can order light refreshments such as scones and tea. 

If you are in Sydney or planning a visit to Sydney during autumn, why not include Mount Wilson and surrounding areas in your itinerary?

Beautiful Autumn Colours
Beautiful Autumn Colours
Autumn colours


Celebrate beautiful autumn colours with ikebana arrangements

In ikebana, the timeless art of Japanese floral arranging, the profound appreciation for the changing seasons finds its expression through captivating flower compositions.

It can be a beautiful way of bringing nature indoors into your living spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the palette of autumn’s vibrant hues, I incorporated a few gold-sprayed palm leaves with leucadendron and nandina in my Japanese-inspired flower arrangement.

This arrangement is in the moribana style and suitable for viewing from the front and sides.

When making flower arrangements, it is always important to consider how the arrangement will be viewed in the space where it is placed.

This particular arrangement was on display during an exhibition by Sogetsu Ikebana NSW at The Calyx, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney from 26 April – 5 May 2019.

A Fall Inspired Ikebana Arrangement


More Creative Flower Arrangements to celebrate autumn colours

Autumn inspired Ikebana flower arrangement

A slanting moribana arrangement using branches of my liquid amber tree to capture the warm hues that the autumn season bestows.

The liquid amber’s red and golden leaves take centre stage, evoking a sense of nostalgic nostalgia and anticipation for the cozy autumn days.

Each leaf whispers stories of nature’s splendid transformation, a testament to the tree’s graceful adaptation to the changing seasons.


Celebrating Autumn Colours with Creative Flower Arrangement

With the above arrangement, I rolled up at least 80 liquid amber leaves (!) to fit into the square glass container. 

I also placed several green Japanese maple leaves as a pleasant contrast on top of the arrangement.

This is a suitable arrangement for the low coffee table in your living room as it is best viewed from above.

If you are interested in other flower arrangements inspired by the seasons, check out my blog post on spring-inspired flower arrangements.

Or learn how ikebana arrangements celebrate seasons and life’s special moments in this post.

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