Flowers for Businesses: Visually Express Your Unique Brand

Flowers for businesses, corporates, hotels, restaurants and retail should go beyond just the aesthetics. It’s time for businesses to optimise their floral spend with floral designs that communicate their brand identity and values.

Flowers for Businesses - Corporate Hotel Restaurant Retail

Often we think of flowers as a trigger of positive emotions. And as they can have an immediate effect on our mood, flowers are often used to create a pleasant ambiance in interior spaces. It is believed that the presence of flowers and plants can help to release stress and anxiety. Therefore they are great for spaces like hospitals, clinics and spas.

However, I see floral design for businesses, hotels and retail spaces as a marketing opportunity to visually express their brand identity and values. And it can serve a purpose beyond the placement of beautiful floral arrangements.

For example, if one of a brand’s values is supporting local economy, then the floral designer may include florals that are locally grown and sourced, instead of imported.

Flowers for Businesses Can Trigger an Emotional Response

Flowers can be used to trigger an emotional response in your customer as they engage with your brand.

Besides enhancing the space or event with flowers, the floral design should evoke a specific mood that meets the organisation’s objectives, goals and budget.


When incorporated effectively as an extension of the brand, strategically designed floral arrangements can serve as user-generated promotional content. For instance, having striking floral exhibits at your product launch or retail window display can be an opportunity for customers to share about your business on social media platforms.

Examples of businesses doing this well are hotels. You would usually find hotels consistently leveraging flowers as an extension of their signature look.

Floral arrangements are used to not only create a wow factor and a desired welcoming atmosphere for hotel guests, but also an effective way to market the hotel’s brand.

As defined by branding pro Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap, brand identity is “the outward expression of a brand, including its trademark, name, communications, and visual appearance.” It can be the sum total of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to people. (Sometimes that includes how it sounds, tastes, feels, and even smells.) Source

Below are examples of how Mandarin Oriental further extends their brand identity of elegance and luxury with the abundant use of phalaenopsis orchids.

Flowers for Businesses
Mandarin Oriental, Lake Como (Image Source: CoStar News)
Flowers for Businesses
Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur (Image Source: No Destinations)
Hotel Flowers
Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo (Image Source: @japan_travelistagram)

3 Key Considerations when Businesses Use Flowers in their Spaces

So, in summary 3 key considerations when flowers are used by businesses, such as store-window and in-store displays for retail, or for corporate events like product launches and gala dinners:

  • How can the organisation use flowers in its space to be aligned with its business goals and complement its brand story, personality and values?
  • What kind of emotional response does the organisation want to trigger in their customers or potential customers as they engage with the brand?
  • How can the organisation collaborate with the floral designer to create arrangements that go beyond enhancing a corporate space or event, and extend their brand identity visually with flowers?

To work with Flowers by Gwyneth on flowers for your business or next corporate event, inquire here.

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