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You know when you’re always busy… you’re hustling all day, running errands, doing whatever needs getting done…

and once in a while you just want to have a break from it all…

perhaps do something different.

something a little creative that doesn’t take too much time…

to relax, unwind and be re-energised.

Well, this might just be for you…

If you feel bogged down with the day-to-day stuff, why not catch a break and do something creative like arranging flowers the Japanese way, so you can de-stress, refresh your mind, and be ready to face the world again.

Experience The Positive Effects of Connecting with Nature through Ikebana Flowers

Ikebana Florist Sydney

Hi, I'm Gwyneth

Owner and lead floral designer of Flowers by Gwyneth, a studio event and wedding florist in Sydney.

I’m on a mission to help those seeking a creative outlet learn the art of arranging flowers the Japanese way so they can relax, de-stress and feel re-energised.

What is ikebana?

Ikebana Flowers Sydney

Ikebana arranging with native flowers
Ikebana Japanese flower arranging withleaves only
Ikebana flower arranging without kenzan

Ikebana Flowers

The Japanese way of arranging flowers offers a very different approach to the Western method.

Ikebana goes beyond the act of simply placing flowers in a vase.

You connect with nature as you study your plant materials and arrange them with thoughtful consideration.

This very process helps to calm you down and bring you into the present.

In fact many ikebanists view the practice of arranging flowers to be just as, if not more, meaningful than the outcome of having a beautiful flower arrangement.

Ikebana designs can range in size and composition; this could be a single flower being showcased in the most beautiful manner or a large striking structural composition of branches, blooms and foliage.

The end result can be deeply meaningful because one is “working with nature in an individual and imaginative form” – Sogetsu Ikebana NSW

You don’t need years of experience or prior training to try this. Nor expensive tools or lots of flowers. 

So what’s stopping you?

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Studies have shown that arranging with flowers can help you relax and reduce stressful feelings. Ikebana is a great way for you to get in touch with nature while being creative with flowers. No prior training required – just A LOVE OF FLOWERS!

In my FREE GUIDE I share EASY PRACTICAL STEPS (including visuals) to help you GET STARTED.



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“The process of arranging flowers the Japanese ikebana way helps you connect with nature, calms your mind, and reduces stressful feelings.”

Ikebana Flowers Sydney


Could ikebana flowers be your next creative hobby? Find out now.