Ikebana-Inspired Floral Style for a Unique Wedding – Is It For You?

Looking for a unique wedding style? Have you ever considered the ikebana-inspired floral style? Read on to see if it might just be the right wedding style for you.

An ikebana-inspired floral style is one that is influenced by the Japanese art of arranging flowers. The style could be either one or a combination of the following:

  1. One that takes inspiration from nature, or
  2. One that allows you to incorporate something meaningful to you and your partner, or
  3. One that inspires curiosity or intrigue.

In short, it will mean your wedding will be like no other because it’s tailored for you!

Who is the ikebana-inspired floral style great for?

Ikebana Inspired Floral Style

Ikebana-inspired flowers are great for couples who love one of the following wedding styles:

  • Modern Contemporary
  • Industrial-Inspired
  • Simple Chic or
  • Off-Beat and Eclectic.

Eco-savvy couples will also appreciate the ikebana floral style as the techniques applied often embody the values of sustainability. For instance, we stay away from using floral foam, which is harmful to nature and human. Instead we use alternative floral mechanics like chicken wire and floral frogs.

So what is ikebana? Read on and I’ll share with you briefly what ikebana is, which wedding styles it is great for, and how ikebana complements each wedding style.

Firstly, what is ikebana?

Ikebana is a Japanese word translated to mean bringing life to flowers. Floral materials such as blossoms, leaves and stems are thoughtfully arranged to create something even more beautiful. The artist/designer closely studies the colour, line and form of the materials to bring out their best qualities.

That’s why this floral style is great for those who appreciate the beauty of nature!

And the designs can range in size and composition; for instance it could be a single flower being showcased in the most beautiful manner. In contrast it could be a large stunning composition of branches, blooms and foliage.

The end result is often striking. And it can be deeply meaningful because one is “working with nature in an individual and imaginative form” [Source: Sogetsu Ikebana NSW].

Ikebana-inspired Floral Style
Ikebana-Inspired Floral Arrangement

What Wedding Styles would ikebana be Great For?

Modern Contemporary

As ikebana arrangements are usually minimalist and structural, this design style is suitable for a couple who wants a modern contemporary theme. This means clean lines, unique wedding flowers and an unconventional wedding setting that is modern and chic. For example an art gallery or a wedding venue like Ovollo Woolloomooloo in Sydney, NSW.


An industrial space such as a converted warehouse venue or industrial brick building will provide an amazing backdrop to ikebana-inspired arrangements. For instance, the Three Blue Ducks in Rosebery. Imagine floral designs that creatively combine flowers with raw textures and materials such as aged timber and metal!

Japanese inspired Wedding Flowers Sydney
Image by Kevin Du Photography

Simple chic

Minimalism has become a popular wedding style based on the concept that there is beauty in simplicity. The clean look is intentional.

The couple selects the elements they wish to include in their wedding. These elements then become the focus in the styling.

As a result the overall styling develops into something more meaningful to the couple. More than just the aesthetics. 

And ikebana personifies the concept of less is more beautifully. Which is why an ikebana-inspired floral style is so suitable for a simple chic wedding style.

Offbeat and eclectic

The offbeat and eclectic wedding style gives the couple freedom to express their personalities the way they want. Read: non-traditional. This style is fun and edgy. It will certainly add personality and uniqueness to your wedding. 

You might be surprised to discover ikebana arrangements can be made fun and quirky too. 

The floral designer achieves this by either combining florals with unconventional materials or using flowers in unexpected ways. It requires resourcefulness and thinking outside the box. Simply great for an eclectic couple!

Minimalist Wedding Centrepiece
Minimalist Wedding Centrepiece.

What flowers can I use for an ikebana-inspired floral style?

Any flowers that you like, really. But the true beauty of the ikebana style comes from appreciating and accentuating the natural forms of floral materials.

Therefore, the floral designer incorporates negative space in an arrangement – flowers can “breathe” and show off their beauty.

For instance, a large single bloom such as a peony or a stem of phalaenopsis orchids can be strategically placed together with a branch as a statement piece.

The focus is on natural forms and graceful lines of the materials.

In addition, different floral choices can inspire different feels. For example, if you select soft-petalled flowers such as lisianthus, ranunculus or delphiniums, you evoke a romantic feeling.

On the other hand, orchids, magnolia blooms, and tropical leaves such as monstera and philodendron lend a more modern, contemporary look.

What colour schemes work with an ikebana-inspired floral style?

Any colour scheme would work with this style.  A monochromatic colour scheme is great especially for an ikebana-inspired floral style. You can read more colour schemes in this blog post here. The outcome won’t be boring due to the use of different textures and creative placement of materials.

Moreover, you can keep your wedding costs down with the ikebana-inspired floral style (subject to the scale of your arrangements of course!). This is because you can maximise the benefits of buying in bulk by limiting your floral choice.

Will the wedding style end up looking oriental?

No. Although ikebana is originally a traditional Japanese art form, the styling does not end up looking oriental at all. It certainly is not about using Japanese lanterns as décor. Nor do we only use foliage typically favoured in Japanese arrangements like bamboo leaves or pine branches.

Instead, the ikebana-inspired floral style takes inspiration from the key aesthetic points of colour, line and form. As a matter of fact, the resulting look can often be quite modern and sculptural.

Want to know more about this ikebana-inspired floral style?

If you have any questions about the ikebana-inspired floral style or are looking for a wedding florist in Sydney, Blue Mountains or the Lower Central Coast, please contact us or book a call. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your floral needs.

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