Orange Wedding Colour: Favourite Colour Combos and Flower Ideas (2023 Trends)

Burnt Orange Wedding Colour Ideas

Burnt orange, terracotta, rust – variations of the orange wedding colour that will be trending in 2023. 

What colours go well with orange? How do you incorporate it with your wedding theme?

Actually it may not even mean looking at another wedding couple’s photos on Pinterest to get inspiration for your wedding colour palette.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices going when planning for your wedding.

Orange Wedding Colour: Inspiration from Nature

Burnt Orange and Blue Colour Combo

Taking a leaf of inspiration from nature, it’s no surprise we can find some of the best pairings for colours. 

When you think of a beautiful sunset or Uluru / Ayers Rock, you can’t go past all the gorgeous colours that go with burnt orange or sunset orange.

Why blue works so well with orange – they are also contrasting colours – directly opposite each other – on the colour wheel (learn more about creating colour combinations using the colour wheel in my other article here)

You can see how the blue just “pops” next to the orange. 

In terms of wedding themes, the blue and orange colour pairing works really well for modern or garden style weddings. 

Think lighter blues for spring or summer. Navy, midnight blues for fall or winter.

Wedding venues include either historic or old-charm style venues such as Cropley House, Vaucluse House or Estate Vaucluse House, or contemporary venues such as Beta or Three Blue Ducks.

Burnt Orange Garden Style Wedding Ideas
Burnt Orange Modern Wedding Ideas

Orange Wedding Colour: Inspiration from Design and Decor

Burnt Orange Colour Combination Ideas

Another place to look for inspiration is design and decor.

If you enjoy browsing interior design magazines for inspiration, you might also come across some interesting colour combinations. Which you can then translate into your wedding or event colour palette. 

For example, blush pink flowers against rust bridesmaids’ dresses, or blush pink ties for the gents’ terracotta suits.

Earthy tones or neutrals are also great for a bohemian / boho wedding theme. Wedding venue options include barn style or rustic aesthetics.

Boho Earthy Tone Ideas for the Orange Wedding Colour

Orange Wedding Colour: Inspiration from Styling

Burnt Orange Wedding Colour Scheme pairing with purple and green

Not so keen on interior design? You can also find colour combination ideas from photography in food and drink magazines.

You can discover a potential colour scheme by looking at pics that capture your attention with the colours they’ve used. 

Or maybe you could find your next inspiration from a fashion mag…

Orange Wedding Colour: Inspiration from Fashion

Burnt Orange and Bright Pink Wedding Colour Ideas

If you like bold colours, then bright pink and orange might just be the prefect combination for you!

Flower ideas for the orange wedding colour palette

So, what flowers can you have for a orange wedding colour palette?

Flower ideas for Orange Wedding Colour Palette

Within the orange colour family, there are a variety of flowers going through the spectrum of the lighter tints like peach to the darker shades such as rust or clay.

So you can go monochromatic with your flowers such as having peach ranunculus or phalaenopsis orchids, orange roses, and terracotta carnations or chocolate cosmos.

Or if you prefer to incorporate some contrast to the orange colour scheme with blue, then some blue flower options include delphiniums and blue thistle.

Alternatively, add neutral or earthy tones to your orange wedding colour palette with flowers such as quicksand or cappuccino roses, bunny tails, and dried fan palms, or grasses for a boho vibe.

So many options, which will you choose?

Still figuring out your wedding style?

Wedding Floral Style Personality Quiz

Knowing your wedding floral style will help you to coordinate the overall styling of your wedding day. Do you know what style feels most true to you?

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Burnt Orange Wedding Colour Ideas

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