Not Sure How to Go Ahead with Planning Your Wedding? [Let These Pandemic Wedding Trends Inspire You]

Pandemic wedding trends

The global pandemic has shaken up the way everyone has been doing things – from work to school and the home front. Weddings too are changing and adapting to the new normal. 

In an earlier post, I highlighted the key essentials to consider when planning a wedding during COVID-19.

With this post, I hope to inspire engaged couples, who still plan to get married despite the uncertainties, with pandemic wedding trends and ideas so you can celebrate your special day in the best way possible. After all, nothing should stop you from playing out your love story, right?


Personalised and Intimate Micro Weddings

One thing’s for sure, we’ve been seeing the rise of personalised and intimate micro weddings as a result of the many restrictions placed on couples around the world.

Instead of postponing, some couples are opting for a more relaxed affair with a guest list of 30 or under within the permitted restrictions.

This allows for a bigger budget per head count. Couples are able to splurge on things they may not have otherwise. For example, best quality food and drinks your budget can buy, a band you may not have otherwise booked, specially curated gifts for your guests. These are great ways to make up for lost time and to show our family and friends how special they are.

Sequel Weddings

Sequel weddings are another popular pandemic wedding trend – “wed now, party later”. This gives the couple the best of both worlds, an intimate, micro wedding ceremony with the promise of a big party later.


Multiple Celebrations

Have multiple micro celebrations so you can celebrate with everyone special to you – from special dinner parties to drinks, brunches, weekends away. With the promise of a big celebration party in the future. Yeah!

In fact, for a long time now it’s not uncommon to see multiple wedding celebrations in some countries or cultures. For example in Asia, many ethnic communities hold their wedding receptions over several days for a number of reasons.

Firstly, venue capacity limitations. Wedding couples are not able to accommodate all their guests in their chosen venue on the same day.

Secondly there may be too many customs and festivities to be scheduled comfortably within a single day, so they are spread out and held over several days instead. 

Cultural inspired eclectic wedding

Moreover, for the couple whose families are based in different geographical locations, it’s not feasible for many of their relatives or friends to travel the distances to attend the wedding couple’s celebrations at one destination.

So it’s quite acceptable to hold multiple celebrations in different locations so the couple can share their joy with all who are dear to them.

Personalised Wedding Guest Experience

This pandemic wedding trend is all about putting real thought into the guest experience.

Special attention is given to smaller details with complete personalisation such as a personal thank-you note to each guest at their seating place. Perhaps even put a skill you’ve learned while being in lockdown to use and add your personal touches to the wedding decor.

Other opportunities for greater customisation include individual mini cakes for each guest and a gift box of delicious treats to enjoy at home.

Individual wedding cakes for guests

With a smaller guest list, how about creating an atmosphere that allows guests to “feel at home”?  Add lounge furniture such as couches, coffee tables, etc to encourage intimate, engaging conversations. And your guests may enjoy themselves even more in a relaxed, informal setting.

Wedding trend intimate setting
Wedding trend relaxed setting


Entertainment Alternatives to Dancing

With pandemic restrictions, wedding couples have been turning to other entertainment options besides dancing. Examples include special performances like string serenades, Broadway style performances, illusionists, and games like wedding bingo.

If you hire a professional MC, they could possibly suggest some ideas of their own!

Virtual Guests - Live Streaming and Celebration Gift Boxes

For those who can’t attend your wedding in person, plan for personalised video moments and live streaming in advance, rather than a reaction to sudden restrictions.(I’ve listed some suggestions in my other COVID-related post.)

Consider the possibility of incorporating interactive components involving virtual guests.

Organise for your virtual guests to receive a beautifully wrapped gift box in the week of the wedding. Fill the box with a coordinating wedding program, individual bottles of champagne, and a delicious mini wedding cake so guests will be able to toast along with you and enjoy the cake as well.

Wedding Guest Gift Box
Source: Bridal Musings

Creative Wedding Styling

You’ll most likely find that cost of wedding flowers today will be higher compared to a year ago. 

More than 50 percent of flowers sold in Australia are imported (Florists Review). While we’re slowly seeing a return of imported flowers into the country, local growers have been unable to meet the demand of the entire floral industry.

Wholesale prices have therefore increased significantly, and florists have had to raise their prices in order to sustain a financially viable business. Quotes for wedding flowers have become higher as a result.

While understandably your spend may not accommodate the increase in pricing for your dream florals, you might need to consider some compromise and explore creative ways to achieve the vibe you want for the day. 

This could mean focusing on having flowers where they will make the most visual impact at your ceremony or reception. Or style with less flowers; or maybe even without flowers using décor like fabric, candles and other props.

Pandemic Wedding Trends Decor
Wedding Decor Non Floral


Judging from the numerous lockdowns and restrictions we’ve had so far, we may have to accept that our wedding dreams will no longer be what we’ve previously envisioned. 

Though a shift in expectations may be needed, you might be pleasantly surprised by the sheer bliss of embracing a simpler wedding day.

Or maybe even discover how resilient and resourceful you are, and set your own wedding trend in the process!

My final piece of advice to all future couples planning their wedding – Don’t sweat over the details you can’t control; Just sweat over those you can.

Will you adopt any of these pandemic wedding trends on your wedding day?

“I have always believed that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.” Hermann Hess

Resource: The International Wedding Trend Report 2021 (The Wedding Academy)

Wedding Planning Ideas for Pandemic Times
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