6 Things to Consider for Your Pet-Friendly Wedding

Having Your Pet At Your Wedding

Having your pet at your wedding can be deeply meaningful, particularly when your furry friend is more than a pet and in fact, more like a full-fledged family member. Planning your wedding with the idea of having them be part of your day’s celebrations can be a special and symbolic gesture. 

6 things to consider if you’re planning a pet-friendly wedding:

  1. Check if animals are allowed at the wedding venue
  2. Consider your pet’s temperament and wedding role
  3. Take care of your pet’s happiness and well-being
  4. Inform your bridal party and wedding guests in advance
  5. Exclude flowers that may be poisonous for your pet
  6. Give your wedding photographer a head’s up 

Let’s look at these 6 things.

1. Confirm if the wedding venue is pet friendly

Confirm with the wedding venue in advance if they allow animals on the premises. Also inform your wedding planner and vendors so they can make sure that the environment is pet friendly.

You might also like to bring your pet to the venue before the wedding day to familiarise them with a new place.

2. Consider your pet’s temperament if you're planning to have your pet at your wedding

Consider your pet’s temperament if you’re planning to have them at your wedding. More so if you’re thinking of having them play a role on your special day. Will your pet enjoy the role or feel stressed? Even if your pet is usually well-behaved and can handle stress on any other day, they might still feel a little overwhelmed when surrounded by crowds of people at your wedding. So make sure they will not be overly stressed if you wish to involve them.

3. Take Care of Your pet’s happiness and well-being

Your fur baby’s happiness and well-being should be taken care of throughout the day. For example, transportation to and from the venue, dress up, supervision and care including feeding, water, potty breaks, etc.

This being the case, you might like to arrange for a friend to help out and watch your pet for the day. Only make sure they’re ok with cleaning poop – and have poop bags ready for them to clean up any mess.

Alternatively you may wish to hire a pet sitter or book a pet-minding company like Wedding Paws if your wedding is in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Brisbane. They offer a range of services, allowing your pet to be part of your special day (and night!).

4. Inform your wedding guests in advance that your pet will be at your wedding

Besides informing your bridal party, it would be a good idea to let your guests know that your pet will be in attendance at the wedding.

You can mention this on your “Save The Date” card as well as your invitation card. That way anyone who has allergies can prepare ahead and still enjoy the day.

5. Exclude flowers that are poisonous for your pets

Flowers that are toxic to pets


Remember to inform your wedding florist that you’re planning a pet-friendly wedding. You might also like to have them custom-make a flower crown or collar for your pet to match your wedding flowers.

In addition by telling them your pet will be in attendance, they will not include any flowers in your bouquets or wedding arrangements that are poisonous to your pets. 

For example, lilies are toxic for cats. Flowers like chrysanthemum and larkspur are dangerous for both dogs and cats.

On the other hand, flowers such as roses and sunflowers are safe for both cats and dogs. Other flowers that are safe for dogs include orchids, celosia, snapdragons and jasmine. 

For a more complete list of plants that have been reported to be potentially toxic for your pets, you can refer to the ASPCA website here.

Nonetheless in case your pet might have ingested any flowers, look out for symptoms such as lethargy, nausea, increased urination, vomiting or diarrhoea. Make sure you get your pet to a vet without delay.

Having Pets At Your Wedding

6. Give Your Wedding Photographer A Head's Up

Inform your wedding photographer in advance if you wish to include your pet in your wedding photos. That way they can plan a pet-friendly shoot ahead of time. You might also like to bounce off any ideas you have so the photographer can include them in the shoot list.

Moreover it allows the photographer to prepare for any unpredictable pet behaviour that may affect other details. Like timings of the photo shoot, for instance.

So with a little planning, you can have your pet with you and your partner on your wedding day. And your furry family member will enjoy the celebrations on the day as much as possible.

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6 Things to Consider for Your Pet-Friendly Wedding
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