Planning A Valentine’s Date Night at Home? Here are 6 great ideas!

Planning Valentine's Date Night at Home

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day this year?

Besides being a romantic occasion, Valentine’s Day is also a day where you can show the one you love that they are being appreciated. 

If you’re looking for some ideas on planning a Valentine’s date night at home, here are 6 of my favourite ideas.

1) Try out New Cocktail recipes

Have you any cocktail recipes you’ve always wanted to try? Search online for some recipes you could make together.

Make a playlist of some relaxing music.

To set the mood on the night, turn down your lights, set up some candles and try out your new concoctions.


Prepare and lay down lots of blankets and pillows on the floor.

Organise for some fun snacks that you might find at the movie theatre, not forgetting the all-time favourite, popcorn!

As for movie choices, you might like to re-watch the first movie you saw together – recollect some of those moments. I still recall some funny memories of the time I watched a movie with my husband for the first time – we joke about this once in a while!

But maybe this time, I might watch About Time (2013), recommended by this article, 23 Valentine’s Day Movies People Never Get Bored Of.

3) Set up your Dining Room as a Restaurant at home

Set the mood – set the table with a nice table cloth, get out the fine dining ware and light a few candles.

Create a nice ambiance with lovely flowers – they never fail to lift up any mood. (And fellas, a tip for ya, it doesn’t have to be red roses!)

Play some relaxing background music. For instance, Yiruma if you like instrumental piano, maybe Jesse Cook for acoustic guitar. Or you may prefer some smooth saxophone jazz.

Plan the dinner menu – if you’re handy in the kitchen, cook some recipes which are different to your usual fare. Pull out a recipe book you have sitting on your shelf ; if not check out Pinterest which has tons of recipe ideas.

Alternatively if you’re not into cooking, that’s fine too – you can order takeout, delivery or buy prepared food at your local store. You can also use a meal-prep service – there are so many suppliers these days you’ll be spoilt for choice.

And don’t forget the desserts to finish off your Valentine dinner.

4) Create your own virtual vacation

Can’t get away or not travelling overseas for a holiday?

Why not choose a location where you’ve been wanting to go on holiday and recreate elements of that place.

For example, if you’ve been planning a trip to Japan, you can:

  • decorate your home with some ikebana or Japanese-inspired flower arrangements,
  • order some Japanese food,
  • listen to some Japanese music – do some research on YouTube for Japanese relaxing music for example,
  • eat with chopsticks (even if you haven’t before, it might be a good time to try and share some laughs together),
  • watch a Japanese movie or maybe if you’re into animation, a StudioGhibli movie, one of my all-time favourites – Howl’s Moving Castle.
Valentine's Day Ikebana Flowers
Japanese-Inspired Flower Arrangement for Your Valentine
Valentines Day Ikebana Flower Arrangement

5) Have Wine and Cheese (and Chocolates) on your Valentine's date night at home

Set the mood with flowers and candles. If you’re thinking of adding your personal touch by arranging your own flowers, check out my post here for some quick easy ideas on arranging flowers from the garden.

Have your favourite wines or be adventurous and try out new ones. Pair them with cheeses, chocolates.

6) Game night as your Valentine's date night at home

Spend time doing something fun together especially if playing games together is one of your favourite activities.

Choose a game where you work as a team rather than competing against each other – best to have your night end well, and not on bad feelings!

So, what do you think of these ideas for planning a Valentine’s date night at home? Any you might try?


Planning a Valentine's Date Night At Home
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