How Much Do Floral Installations Cost? [Let’s Look at 5 Popular Styles]

Floral Installation

Floral installations can take up a significant portion of any wedding flower budget.

Depending on factors such as style, size, placement and product used, floral installations can cost anything from the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Floral installations for a wedding include and are not limited to:

  • Arbours or arches – structures that are made of timber, metal or even plant materials;
  • Ceiling hangings;
  • Wall hangings; and
  • Arrangements along staircases or on the fireplace mantel.

What Affects the Floral Installation Pricing?

The pricing of floral installations is affected by:

  • Cost of flowers – this can be influenced by the style (lush or minimalist) and floral choice (numbers and types of varieties);
  • Location, skill and popularity of the wedding florist;
  • Wedding venue rules;
  • Height of the installation;
  • Space (the installation should be in proportion to the space where it’s placed);
  • Complexity of design;
  • Equipment needed;
  • Staff numbers and person hours required for set up and dismantling.

Why do hanging floral installations cost so much?

Hanging floral installations, also known as suspended floral installations, generally cost more because they are more complex to create and install. The degree of complexity can influence the type of expertise, number of person hours and equipment required. Plus there are safety measures to consider for staff and wedding attendees.

Floral installations being suspended from the ceiling may also require rigging done by qualified professionals and this will add to the costs of your wedding decor.

Where to place your wedding floral installations

While Pinterest can be a source of many wedding ideas, I recommend that you actually plan your wedding floral installations together with your floral designer. 

How you will be using the available space at your ceremony and reception venue, as well as your budget, will determine the number, type and scale of your designs.

Moreover, sitting down with your designer to discuss options with your venue in mind will help make the most of your wedding flower budget. 

Use Your Wedding Floral Installations to Make the Biggest Impact

Given that they can be a considerable investment, floral installations should make the biggest impact on your wedding day.

For example wedding arches are most often used as a backdrop for the exchange of wedding vows between the couple but they can also make a stunning entrance to your ceremony or reception space.

When designed to showcase the most important moments of your day, floral installations will make your wedding memorable, not only on the day itself but also forever captured in your photos holding those memories.

Let’s look at some prices for different installation design styles, bearing in mind the factors mentioned above will affect the actual pricing.

Floral installation pricing examples

You’ll find in most instances, wedding florists quote arch hires, set up and pack down costs separately to flower costs, ceremony or reception flower packages.

Some wedding florists may stipulate the use of their own arches while others work with arches hired by wedding couples or which are organised with the venue.

Pricing of arch hire can range between $250 and $450 depending on the style of the arch and does not include set up, dismantling or delivery costs. 

5 popular styles of floral installations

In this post, I’ll cover 5 trending styles of floral installations and give you an idea of pricing. Note that prices cover floral costs and do not include labour costs for delivery, set up or dismantling.

Simple Floral and Greenery Arbours

Minimal variety of flowers and greenery. Prices can start from $800.

Floral Installation - Minimalist Arbour
Source: Noivaansiosa (Pinterest)
Floral Installation Simple Arbour
Source: Bridal Musings (Pinterest)

Metal Flower Arches with Flowers and Greenery

Metal frame structure decorated with a variety of flowers and medium greenery. Prices can start from $1000.

Floral Arch Metal Frame
Source: Martha Stewart Weddings (Pinterest)

Circle Arbours

Circle arbours require a lot of floral and greenery to look lush and abundant.

To improve affordability, have floral accents or partial styling installed on the arbour instead of decorating the entire arbour.


Minimalist style can start from $900.

Lush designs can start from $1700.

Circle Floral Arbour
Source: Sophie Felts (Pinterest)

Flower Pillars

Also known as flower towers or deconstructed arch.

This style can look great either minimalist and organic, or lush with flowers and greenery.

Prices from $1600.

Deconstructed Arch
Source: Flowers by Janie (Pinterest)

Ground Floral Arches

Ground floral arches are floral structures placed on the ground, often in a crescent shape or partial circle and can be modified to suit your wedding theme or colour palette.

These floral installations are great when you have an outdoor ceremony with a scenic natural backdrop.

Prices vary depending on lushness of design and can start from $300 per metre.

Ground Wedding Florals
Source: Martha Stewart Weddings (Pinterest)

In summary, the costs of floral installations are affected by the following:

  • Size of the installation – the bigger the installation, the more expensive;
  • Complexity of the installation – the more complex the installation (requiring special expertise, equipment, more person hours), the more it will cost;
  • Product – floral choice such as the inclusion of premium flowers like phalaenopsis orchids will increase the price of the floral installation.

Wedding Flower Budget Calculator

If you wish to calculate an approximate pricing for your main wedding flowers, try out my free online budget calculator tool here.

Floral Installation
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