A Guide to Wedding Flower Costs in Sydney – We Look at 5 Price Ranges

Wedding Flower Budgets in Sydney

Wedding Flower Costs in Sydney

“How much do wedding flowers cost in Sydney?” “What should my wedding flower budget be?” “How much should I spend on wedding flowers?” “What is the average price of wedding flowers in Sydney?”

While it may all seem very confusing, the truth is there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to working out your wedding flower budget.

Firstly it’s important to know, as a couple, how important fresh flowers are for your wedding day. 

For instance you may think flowers aren’t a central focus for your day and you’d rather allocate your wedding budget to other items. Or, on the other hand you may feel flowers are essential in bringing your unique day to life.

This said, your wedding flower costs will vary accordingly based on your priorities.

Another factor to consider also is your ceremony or reception venue. Does it need the additional decor florals, or is it a beautiful venue itself and you don’t need to go over the top with more lush, abundant floral arrangements?

For example an outdoor garden wedding venues such as the Centennial Parklands, or Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will not require much additional florals if at all.

In addition, you should factor in the seasonal aspect of your wedding date. Perhaps you might wish to consider having your wedding ceremony outdoors in the midst of the stunning autumn colours at Breenhold Gardens, Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains. It will be such a naturally beautiful setting that you won’t need much ceremony florals, and as such have the extra money for other items on your wedding list.

If you’re planning a garden wedding, check out this blog post for more tips and ideas.

Outdoor Wedding Venue in the Blue Mountains
Source: Breenhold Gardens


As a good rule of thumb, I usually suggest setting aside 10-15% of your overall wedding budget for flowers. However if you’ve set your heart on those lush wedding floral designs you’ve seen on Pinterest, I’d suggest allocating at least 20-25% of your total wedding budget.

Most of my couples spend between $2,500 and $6,000 but some spend less or budget more depending on their personal priorities, style and preferences.

Remember, it’s your day and the day should reflect your taste and style.

Below is by no means a complete list of wedding flower costs involved. Like everything else that is related to wedding flowers, there are so many ‘what ifs’ and ‘except this’ scenarios.

So please use the following estimates as a guide to help you plan which items could be covered within your price range.


Wedding Flowers Planning Guide

Because I understand how stressful the wedding planning process can get, I created the WEDDING FLOWERS PLANNING GUIDE to help future brides with just the essential stuff they need to know for planning their wedding flowers.

My FREE Guide (a 12-page PDF download) includes budget ideas, planning timelines, floral items to consider, seasonality guide for the most popular wedding flowers plus a section for personal notes!


The cost of engaging a professional wedding florist goes beyond the cost of flowers.  You are also paying for the time and services of the florist to achieve your floral vision for your special day.


The work of the wedding florist begins the moment you inquire with them. This potentially means at least 6 – 12 months or possibly more before your wedding day.

Even before you engage the florist there’s already quite a bit of work happening for the florist behind the scenes, like working out floral recipes based on your preferences and getting ready a customised quote for you.

And a quote is unique for every couple because every wedding is different. The flowers used, designs and their corresponding costs will vary depending on client preferences, wedding style, season, venue, the list goes on. 

Once you’ve engaged the services of the designer, in order to get the flowers right for you, there is a consultative process which includes clarifying the vision, refining ideas and finalising the designs. Translate this into the hours the floral designer spends on communicating, planning, updating, ordering and confirming all the details leading up to the wedding day to deliver your vision with excellent service and quality product. 

The process is extensive and quite involved – often work not seen by the client.

Professional Services

When you hire a professional wedding florist for a full floral design service, you are not paying just for flowers. You’re also paying for:

  • The experience and expertise of the floral designer;
  • The designer’s creativity to custom design your flowers;
  • Labour involved in flower sourcing/ordering, going to the flower markets to handpick and collect flowers, prepping the flowers so they look their best on your day, coordination with venue and other vendors, packing, delivery set up, rentals;
  • Time involved in planning all the necessary details to ensure your day goes smoothly with personal flowers delivered to you on time, ceremony and reception flowers installed beautifully before you and your guests arrive etc.

The factors mentioned above are also the reason why full floral design services cost more than wedding packages.

wedding flower costs in sydney

Wedding Flower Budget of Under $1000

Most often, a wedding flower budget of under $1000 will allow for:

  • the bridal bouquet,
  • a couple of bridesmaid bouquets, as well as
  • buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen.

Depending on the size of your bridal party, it could account for buttonholes and corsages for a few additional family members.

If you’re having an intimate wedding with no bridal party, a wedding flower budget of under $1000 could account for:

  • your wedding bouquet,
  • the groom’s buttonhole, as well as
  • a small feature installation at the ceremony or reception.

Wedding Flower Costs of between $1500 and $3000

Depending on the size of the bridal party, a wedding flower budget of between $1500 and $3000 will cover:

  • personal flowers (bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen), and
  • some table decorations at the reception.

I would suggest smaller arrangements on each table to fit within the budget.

Or, instead of table centrepieces, this could allow for a large feature at the ceremony or the reception.

For example an arbour with flowers that can beautifully frame the moments you exchange your vows and have as a backdrop to your wedding photos.

Alternatively, if your bridal party only includes two additional people (1 bridesmaid + 1 groomsmen), this budget could allow for a ceremony feature element as well as a beautifully styled bridal table with flowers. We could then look at using candles to decorate the guest tables instead of flowers.

Wedding Flower Costs in Sydney


Wedding Flower Budget of between $3500 and $5000

If you set aside between $3500 and $5000 towards your wedding flower costs, this budget could cover:

  • personal flowers for a small bridal party;
  • a feature element at the ceremony and the reception; and
  • smaller table arrangements.

Or, if there is just one of either a ceremony archway and / or reception installation, there will be budget to cover my standard sized table arrangements and cake flowers.

Wedding Flower Costs in Sydney - $5000 budget

Wedding Flower Budget between $5500 and $7500

This price falls within my typical full service wedding. A wedding flower budget between $5500 and $7500 includes:

  • personal flowers,
  • a ceremony floral feature,
  • an installation at the reception, as well as a mix of elevated and low table centrepieces.
Wedding Flower Budgets


Wedding Flower Budget $7500 – $10,000

With wedding flower costs ranging from $7500 to $10K, I’m often looking at a collection of:

  • personal flowers,
  • large statement / impact pieces at the ceremony (for example, altar arrangements or an archway PLUS aisle flowers, OR a floral arbour installation),
  • a hanging feature as well as flowers and candles for the tables at the reception.
Japanese inspired Wedding Flowers Sydney
Wedding Reception Flowers (Image by Kevin Du Photography)


It’s almost impossible to provide all the details to match the various wedding flower costs in Sydney because every couple’s wedding is unique.

The above looks to provide some guidance on what items can be accounted for within a particular price range.

Also, prices will vary quite a bit depending on complexity of designs, the number of flowers used and flower choices. For example peonies, phalaenopsis orchids etc. are premium flowers and will cost more, so the budget would need to account for this.

It’s also important to be aware labour charges can vary dramatically as well – each venue has its own rules on when we can set up and when we need to pack down. All of this has an impact on costs for the day.

Labour charges also change depending on the time of day we need to set-up / pack down as well as the day of the week (Sundays incur premium labour charges and early morning set-ups and late night pack-downs also incur premium labour charges).

Nonetheless I am excited to work with couples regardless of their budget, in particular provide suggestions on where the money can be best spent at your venue so your wedding flowers can make the greatest impact on your wedding day.

Finally, remember every florist prices differently and it might be that florists in your area charge more for some items than I do.

I hope these wedding flower costs are helpful to you as a guide to understand the prices of wedding flowers in Sydney. Not for the purposes of a formal quote.

If you are interested, you could also check out my online budget calculator here to give you an idea of your own wedding flower budget for key floral items. 

You can also learn more about the costs of floral installations in another post here.


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Wedding Flower Budgets in Sydney
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