Wedding Flowers – How The Process Works

Wedding Flowers Design Process

Wedding Flower Process

The Wedding Flower Process starts from the time the engaged couple begins their research on wedding flower, leading to shortlisting and inquiring with wedding florists.

Generally the process can be summarised into the following steps:

  • Confirm availability on the wedding day;
  • Capture the details of the day such as bridal party, ceremony and reception start and end times, etc.;
  • Talk budgets, deliverables, plans and priorities;
  • Finalise details – final design guide and event planning;
  • Deliver, set up & pack down wedding flowers on the big day.

Why Each Wedding is Different When It Comes to Wedding Flowers

Every wedding is different from the next due to several factors: guest count, bridal party size, flower choices, season, date of wedding (if it falls on or very close to a major holiday), complexity/intricacy of designs, etc. The final design guide, floral recipes and planning details are customised and designed specifically to the client’s brief.

What Engaged Couples May Not Know about Wedding Flowers when They Start Planning Their Wedding

While engaged couples would have done some research before coming to me, they can often book their wedding florist between 6 months to a year before their weddings.

That being the case, they may not have in mind exact details such as the precise number of centrepieces required for their reception. Nor would they know if their budget would allow for the inclusion of premium flowers, an installation feature and so on.

Most couples wouldn’t know the different flowers options that are in season when they marry and what flower elements their budget could account for.

And it’s perfectly OK for the couples to not know all these things.

That is precisely why you’re engaging a professional – a wedding florist who will guide you through the planning process, and one whom you can rely on for their knowledge, expertise and experience to bring your floral vision to life.

Wedding Flower Planning Resources

With this in mind, I’ve prepared a couple of free resources that will guide wedding couples when they’re starting to plan their wedding flowers such as the Online Budget Calculator plus a FREE Wedding Flower Planning PDF Guide that lists key info to help demystify the planning process.

Plus a quick guide (Pinterest Idea Pin) containing 7 tips on how to use Pinterest when planning your wedding so you won’t fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole and end up feeling totally lost.



My FREE Guide (a 12-page PDF download) includes budget ideas, planning timelines, floral items to consider, seasonality guide for the most popular wedding flowers plus a notes section!

Wedding Flowers Planning Guide


You will find when doing your research that wedding florists all approach wedding flowers process differently. I like to keep the process as simple, enjoyable, and stress-free as possible (for both myself and the wedding couple).

At Flowers by Gwyneth the Wedding Flower Process usually starts with the couples checking my availability – they are required to complete a short inquiry form providing some basic details about themselves and their wedding.

Wedding Flower Consultation Process

As wedding flowers are usually one of the bigger ticket items in a wedding budget, it makes total sense that the couple should work with someone they can connect with and trust to deliver on their vision.

On my part, I like to be able to better understand a potential client’s style and requirements during the consultation process.

Therefore in my initial online consultation questionnaire I ask for the engaged couple to provide me with more details of themselves. They could also email through some inspiration pictures of styles or colours they like. Or provide a link to their Pinterest inspirational board.

Do you know what wedding floral style feels most true to you?

Wedding Floral Style Personality Quiz

Knowing your wedding floral style will help you to coordinate the overall styling of your wedding day. Do you know what style feels most true to you?

Initial Wedding Flower Pricing Estimate

In my initial email, I like to ask the wedding couple to share with me about the ambiance they wish to create or the aesthetic they like, as well as what’s most important to them about their wedding day.

Then based on their bridal party size and initial idea of their floral requirements, I give the couple an estimate. Plus a recommendation of how best to make use of their budget.

At this stage it’s often not surprising to find ideas that may not fit within their budget or include flowers that are not in season or available in Australia, etc.

Moreover Pinterest images saved on the couple’s Wedding Inspiration Board could be from carefully curated styled shoots that involve elements not realistically feasible to execute on a wedding day. Or maybe even luxury weddings with huge budgets. 

So it’s very normal that the initial pricing advice is higher than what the couple’s budget might actually be. This is because I’m pricing every item requested based on the inspirational images they provide me so they can see what it would cost should they move forward with all items.

However there is always the flexibility to look at what the most important part of the wedding is, so that the flower budget goes towards those priorities rather than spreading the budget across items that may not make much impact or matter as much.

Wedding Flower Design Process
Image by Louis Gan Photography

Based on discussions on what arrangements to scale back on, floral choices etc. I’ll then send through a second proposal where I ask for a contract to be signed before I spend any more time making revisions.

It’s my hope by the time I send through a second proposal, the couple trusts me to be able to execute their floral plans within their spend expectations

From our discussions, I usually get a good sense of the couple’s style aesthetic and therefore am able to come up with design suggestions to help them bring as much of their vision to life as possible on the day. I’ll advise on what is realistically achievable within their budget.

Booking the Wedding Florist

A signed contract with a 20% non-refundable retainer fee is payable within 1 week of the second proposal.

With this fee paid (which goes towards the total costs of my design services and flowers on the day) the couple officially secures my services for their wedding date. This means I will not be accepting any other bookings for the same date.

The Wedding Flower Process

When the potential client sends back the contract with retainer fee and becomes an actual client, I will then start the customised design process by creating a visual board.

When given the creative freedom to tailor the clients’ ideas within their design scope, style and spend expectations, I’m better positioned to make the wedding day flowers more authentic and completely personalised to the wedding couple.

Sometimes the design process could also involve a more creative process where the couple is looking to incorporate a concept or something of sentimental value to them. Here I begin to research and sketch designs based on images and ideas that can embody the concept.

Ceremony Wedding Floral Feature Hexagon Arch
Deconstructed Floral Arch
Wedding Flower Process Design Sketch

Finalising Details in the Wedding Flower Design Process

Revisions can be made up to 1 month before the wedding date. I also share suggestions on flowers, seasonality, etc. according to the wedding colour palette.

Closer to the wedding date, I begin to discuss the finer planning details to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. This includes delivery timings for personal flowers as well as venue access timings for installations of ceremony and reception flowers.

The remaining balance on the total invoice is payable 1 month before the wedding date, after which no changes can be made to design ideas, quantities, etc. At this point, floral recipes will be finalised and orders placed with suppliers.

A week or two before the wedding date, I finalise delivery timings for the personal flowers and any other finer details for the day.

The Week of the Wedding

Every day of the week leading up to the wedding date is dedicated to tasks relating to the wedding.

I make sure the team has everything that we need – for crafting the arrangements, as well as delivery and installation on the day. Checking to ensure we set aside clean buckets for the flowers and foliage.

Flowers are picked up from the markets and checked to ensure they are quality product. Hours sometimes days of prepping – removing thorns and any leaves of flowers and greenery that may go below water level, getting flower heads to open up nicely in time for the day of the wedding.

Wedding Day Set Up

The day starts early and ends late for the wedding florist. We safely pack all our flowers – bridal party personal flowers delivered, floral features installed and centrepieces placed at the venues. Where requested, we head back to the venue after the party is over to clean, pack up and then drive all the way home.

In most instances, wedding couples can also save on packing down costs when their guests take home the arrangements as gifts.

The Day After

Buckets and vases are cleaned, packed away – ready for use the next time.

I hope this helps more couples have a better understanding of how I work to create their wedding flowers! It is so much more than flowers they’re paying for.

Many hours go into the wedding flower process, especially behind the scenes, in order to make this special day memorable for my couples and those who are celebrating with them. 

Don’t forget to check out my FREE resources to help you with planning your wedding flowers.

Online Wedding Flower Budget Calculator

Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Flowers


Wedding Flowers Planning Guide

Because I understand how stressful the wedding planning process can get, I created the WEDDING FLOWERS PLANNING GUIDE to help future brides with just the essential stuff they need to know in regards to planning their wedding flowers.

My FREE Guide (a 12-page PDF download) includes budget ideas, planning timelines, floral items to consider, seasonality guide for the most popular wedding flowers plus a notes section!

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Wedding Flowers Design Process
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