Do You Know Your Wedding Flower Terminology?

Wedding Flower Terminology


Not too sure about wedding flower terms? Want to look up Pinterest for inspiration but no idea what those arrangements are called?

Here’s the glossary for some of the most popular types of wedding floral arrangements.

Plus why not brush up on your WEDDING FLOWER VOCABULARY before you enquire about your wedding flowers. 🙂


Any flowers held by, or worn by, the bridal party as well as their family members. Personal flowers include the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and hair flowers.


Hand-held arrangement of flowers. Stems of the flowers are usually bound together by ribbon.

The most important bouquet or floral element for a wedding is the Bride’s Bouquet or Bridal Bouquet. This will most likely be the most photographed arrangement on your wedding day, so it’s worthwhile splurging on this one if anything.

Design-wise, Maid of Honour’s Bouquet and Bridesmaid’s Bouquet can be smaller versions of the bridal bouquet. Or be in a slightly different shape but still coordinate by incorporating some of the same flower varieties in the selected colour palette.

For the younger or petite attendants, you might ask for a posy instead. Also hand-held but much smaller than a bouquet.

(Budget Tip: When placed in vases, bouquets can be re-purposed as reception centrepieces or arrangements for the cake table or wishing well table.)

Boutonniere or Buttonhole

Wedding Buttonhole Boutonniere

A boutonniere or buttonhole is a small pin-on style floral accessory most often worn by the groom or groomsmen on the left lapel of their suit.

Sometimes the option is extended to VIP guests such as the parents and officiant.



Usually more elaborate than the buttonhole, this floral accessory is usually worn by the mothers of the bride and groom, either directly pinned on their clothes (on their right) or worn on the wrist.

Flower Crown

Flower Crown

Floral accessory worn on the head. Popular with boho wedding styles.

Also commonly worn by flower girls, or as a collar on your furry family member.

Thinking of involving your pet in your wedding? Learn what to consider in this blog post.

(Budget Tip: If you’re on a limited budget, flower crowns are more of a “nice-to-have” rather than an essential, particularly if you have a large bridal party. More affordable alternatives include floral clips or individual wired hair flowers.)

Do you know what wedding floral style feels most true to you?

Wedding Floral Style Personality Quiz

Knowing your wedding floral style will help you to coordinate the overall styling of your wedding day. Do you know what style feels most true to you?


Floral Installation

A floral design where flowers and greenery are built onto, into, or around a structure. Can be against a wall, or suspended from the ceiling or an interior structure.

Floral installations often require more planning, design, materials, and labour compared to other wedding flowers. So this will tend to be a bigger-ticket item in your floral budget. (Not so great for tight floral budgets)

Read more about installations here.

Ceremony Floral Feature Arrangement

Wedding Ceremony Arch Flowers

Flowers designed to serve as a beautiful backdrop to the wedding couple as they exchange their vows in front of guests during the wedding ceremony.

Popular designs include a floral archway and tall (vase) arrangements placed on stands/plinths.

More recent designs include semi-circular ground flower arrangements, and floral pillars (deconstructed arch) pictured below.

Deconstructed Arch
Source: Flowers by Janie (Pinterest)

Bridal Table Feature Arrangement

Bridal Table Feature Arrangement
Bridal Table Feature Arrangement

Arrangement(s) of flowers styled on or at the bridal table. On the table, the arrangement is usually long and low, so as not to obstruct the view of the bridal party and guests.

Table Centrepiece

Wedding Reception Table Centrepieces
Wedding Reception Table Centrepieces - Vase Arrangements and Flat Lay Style

Arrangement of flowers placed on the table. Can either be high (placed on a tall stand) or low. Taller arrangements require more flowers, so will usually cost more.

Wedding Reception Centrepiece Garland Style
Garland Style Wedding Reception Flowers at the Bells at Killcare Boutique Hotel, Central Coast

Another popular design for guest tables is the garland-style centrepiece, which is a strand-like arrangement of flowers and greenery. Usually the garland is placed down the centre of long reception tables; pricing is by the meter. 

A cheaper alternative is the flat-lay as it is less full and flatter compared to the standard garland.

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Wedding Flower Terminology
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