Welcoming Spring – It’s Bloom Time!

Looking forward to welcoming spring after a chilly winter? I know I do. When the magnolia flowers and plum blossoms start to appear, they tell me that the winter season is drawing to a close; and that spring is just around the corner. Such an exciting anticipation that the weather getting warmer and I see spring flowers start to bloom!

Welcoming Spring
Welcoming Spring

Welcoming spring with gorgeous flower arrangements is a great way to bring spring into your home. In ikebana, it is common practice to use flowers that are in season. So as spring approaches, it is lovely to incorporate branches of magnolia, plum and cherry blossoms in floral arrangements. The line of the branches provides nice movement and projects a feeling of expansiveness.

Moreover suffice to say the flowers are so pretty to behold. You can place them in a vase on their own; or arrange them with other in-season flowers such as chrysanthemums and tulips. 

And to make your flower choices work better, you can arrange different flowers from the same colour family. For instance in the first arrangement, I placed the pink chrysanthemums together with pink cherry blossom branches. That way I didn’t have to think too much about balancing different colours in an arrangement. 

Alternatively white or cream-coloured flowers are always readily available and easy to work with. In the second arrangement, I’ve combined white tulips with pink blossom arrangements.

So have some fun creating flower arrangements with flowers that are in season. For more ideas on flower arrangements inspired by the season, please read my blog post on Celebrate Autumn Colours here.

Welcoming Spring

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